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Energy-efficient propellantless drag generator for maximum capability in all orbits


Ensuring mission success even if power and communication with the client satellite is lost


Enabling assets to be deployed to higher orbits without compromising longevity or adherence to regulation


Enabling long-duration missions and fuel-free spacecraft decommissioning

Active Debris Removal

Spacecraft Inspection

Maintaining separation the inspector spacecraft analyzes the debris object for early detection of possible anomalies

Collision Avoidance

Minimizing the chance of orbiting spacecraft inadvertently colliding with other orbiting objects by orbital maneuvering

Spacecraft Removal

After orbital rendez-vous, a mated propulsion module brings the targeted debris object down where it burns up in Earth's atmosphere

Services We Provide

Waste Managment

The Nimbus mission is a technology demonstrator for commercial space asset waste removal


The satellites drag augmentation system enables the Nimbus satellite to de-orbit and self-dispose 16X faster than normal satellites

Passive Decommissioning

Leveraging our platform's drag augmentation technology, the Nimbus satellite de-orbits passively

Active Debris Removal

The Nimbus mission will be followed by our upcoming servicing satellite mission that will perform active debris removal of multiple debris objects

Get in touch to see how we leverage our mission design software and production technology to deliver solutions for commercial space asset waste disposal

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