Solstorm was founded by people from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology  to revolutionize space transport

Our vision is a clean and safe orbital environment where research, human spaceflight, and space-based industry thrive


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Hans Theodor Johnsen

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Applied physics and electronics engineering specialist. Background as Head of Hardware in NTNU's satellite programme, Co-Founder of Propulse NTNU and SHIFT Hyperloop


Halvor B. Veiby

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Background as Deputy Project Manager for the rocket research and development programme Propulse NTNU, Blockchain developer (BitGate), Co-Founder Trondheim Open Blockchain Society


Fredrik Hiorth

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Mechanical engineer and diver. Former rocket engine architect at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the rocket research and development programme Propulse NTNU


Kristian Borgen

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Co-founder of Space NTNU and background as CEO of Orbit NTNU. Military background as Private 1st class with specialization as communications operator

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Alexander Carlsen

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Business lead and computer engineer. Background as founder and former CEO of consultancy firm Favn Software.


Christian Degirmenci

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Accounting, finance and business development

Advisory Board


Moina Medbøe Tamuly 

Co-Founder of Ntention/Astronaut Smart Glove with NASA-partner Haughton Mars Project in collaboration with Mars Institute and NASA's Ames Research Center.


Dr. Roger Birkeland

Nationally renowned for his pioneering work in small satellites, Dr. Birkeland is viewed as one of Norway's foremost small satellite experts, leading NTNU SmallSat lab and the Hypso-1 mission.


Dr. Eliezer da Silva

Artificial Intelligence Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher at NTNU, Co-founder and Program Director of Nordic Probabilistic AI School

Let’s Work


Dr. Mark Buchanan

Physicist, serial entrepreneur, innovator, inventor and business developer


Jo Bjørnstad

Program manager for Nordic Launch and Senior Business Developer, Kjeller Innovation