Solstorm Rocket Propulsion makes the next generation of rocket engines using hybrid propulsion technology

As the market for commercial space industries matures we are seeing smaller and smaller satellites being built and with it an increasing demand for small satellite launchers providing dedicated launches


Because of a lack of commercially available engine designs companies are forced through the same initial research and development process before having a working product

Eliminating the initial development phase necessary for creating an engine system, we solve a time and cost heavy burden. By delivering a commercially available rocket engine we let companies skip the r&d-heavy initial process and focus on value-generating satellite launches

Reducing the time from inception to launch by several years, we relieve satellite launch services of the insecurity and stress related to rocket engine development

Hybrid rocket propulsion combines fuel dense solid grain and a liquid oxidizer, taking advantage of the fuel density of the solid fuel grain and the simplicity of the integrated engine system. Hybrid engines are throttlable and can be shut down and restarted during flight.

Hybrid Propulsion


Our first engine B.A.L.D.R. is tailored to Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) launch vehicles with up to 200kg payload capacity. Using new manufacturing methods  together with the modular design of the hybrid propulsion unit the result is a powerful and reliable rocket engine


Oxidizer Injector

Main Valve Bulkhead

Forward Bulkhead

Burn Chamber