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Satellite Kill Switch

The accumulation of space debris in low Low-Earth-Orbit poses a significant threat to space assets and human spaceflight. Solstorm's satellite disposal system is a renovation system that de-orbits satellites after end-of-mission, preventing satellites from becoming space debris.

Post Mission Disposal

The synergies of the accelerating advancement of technologies and the observable trend of Moore’s Law driving miniaturization of hardware has enabled smaller satellite systems to accomplish more advanced operational capabilities. This has driven decision-makers of legacy space programmes to consider more effective and economical methods to build, launch and operate satellite systems.

The surge of interest in considering how smallsats play into the equation of lower-cost space architectures is growing due to lower spacecraft development costs for these smaller systems than for larger aggregated systems.


With the increase in the number of satellites being launched but without any effective means of disposal for satellites after their mission is over, assets in Low-Earth-Orbit are experiencing an increased threat of collisions with space debris.

Space Disposal System

The satellite disposal system is a kill switch for satellites that works by increasing the amount of drag on the client satellite, speeding up the de-orbiting phase after mission completion.


The disposal system operates independently of the client satellite and can be remote deployed, ensuring mission success even if power and communication with the client satellite is lost.



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