Andøya Space Port: Europe's First Space Port

Construction of Europes first orbital launch pad is expected to be ready toward the end of 2021, marking the end of Europe's dependency on launching satellites overseas. The second pad will follow in 2022, with the facility reaching full operational capabilities by 2023, according to Andøya Space CEO Odd Roger Enoksen.

The Spaceport will feature independent integration facilities, access to two launchpads, and all the necessary support infrastructure. Andøya has signed an agreement with Rocket Factory Augsburg (RFA) for the launch of their orbital rocket in 2022. The Spaceport plans to attract three to four launch partners, of which Rocket Factory Augsburg is the first.

Despite the corona pandemic with travel restrictions, Andøya Space experiences that all their business areas, i.e. launching probe rockets, ground-based instruments, launching launchers, space-related education, testing of defense equipment, as well as testing and operational flight of drones both in the air and at sea, as seeing exciting development.

A number of reports and analyses have been made to understand the environmental impact a spaceport would have on the local environment at Andøya. The flightpath ensures a trajectory whose ground track doesn't cross populated areas, and the large dispersion area in the Norwegian Sea enables safe disposal of spent stages during flight.